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Men and women who like to take cruises, but want a beautiful companion along, often take escorts in San Jose with them. We can add interest to sightseeing, glamor to evening events, and if you have friends or coworkers on the trip, you'd have a crazy fun time driving them nuts because you are with me. Often times it is so easy to pack, only bikinis, lingerie, and sexy dresses with sandals.

Just because we service a certain area like Oakland escorts, we are still available to go all over the world with our regular companions. In fact, that is how I keep up my sexy bronze tan, cruising in the sundrenched tropics or even down to Cancun, Mexico. Another great event that keeps escorts like me in demand are the carnivals around the world, Marti Gras in Louisiana, Brazil has Carnaval Rio de Janeiro, The Winter Carnival of Quebec City, Aalborg of Denmark, and the Carnival of Cultures in Berlin. We enjoy being world-traveled escorts, because it adds to our quality of conversation to be able to talk about places we've seen. There are many adventures to have locally as well.

Amusement parks are very much like carnivals too. The Californian County Fairs have so much to see, do, and great food to try. Around town in the Bay Area, there are many interesting sights, places to explore, and the nightlife is exciting and stimulating. If you have your own ideas what you want to do on your date with me, I am ready to plan fun surprises to enjoy with you. Any suggestions you have that will make your fantasies come true will get my complete attention. Traveling with a sexy escort has its other advantages as well; you have a professional stripper for parties, excellent massage artist to keep you relaxed and limber, and someone you can play with if there are rainy days.

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