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Little Susie Will Wake You Up!

I love to smile, I love dancing, but my favorite things to do are walking on the beach, even in the rain, horseback riding, and fine dining. There are some beaches where we can ride horseback on the sand, then stop by a seafood restaurant and have some wine and great food. Now it's your turn, what are your favorite things? Whether you like racing cars, farmers' markets, or scuba diving, you'll love having me as your pick of Sacramento escorts.

My personality is free, relaxed, and laid back, because I enjoy seeing others having a good time. Since I was a young kid I was able to find fun in just about anything. Having become one of the most popular escorts San Francisco can offer, I have had an opportunity to travel, entertain, and co-host some fun high-end events. When you need an affair to go off just perfectly, many times popular escorts have the contacts and experience to make it an exceptional good time.

There is the other side of my enjoyable experience being one of the select Bay Area escorts, I appreciate intimacy. One very successful element of being comfortable around sexy women is to feel intimacy very quickly with your date. It takes the enjoyment up a couple levels real fast. This is good because I don't want to waste a lot of time warming up to my date. If we like each other, we just need to go for it and have the greatest time together that is possible. So I might want to get to finding your soft spots, what makes you laugh, what makes you hot, what relaxes you, early on in the date so we can be real together and experience true enjoyment of each other. Call me, you know you want me!

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