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Shelby Is Fast And Sexy

I have always been interested in what turns people on. Some people get off on food. I call them foodies. Many adventures with food can set the stage for intimacy later on during a date. There are people who become turned on by different types of music, classical, jazz, stripper music, or musical ballads. As a high-level member of the escorts San Francisco family, I am aware of many varieties of things that create an amazing date.

I listen to my clients and gather more information that helps me plan the best escort service accommodations for you. Depending where you want to go, and what you love to do, I bring excitement, fun, and complete enjoyment to your date. So what turns you on? I am thinking the more you tell me, the better I can serve you.

Do you like animals, soft fuzzy things, or maybe I can tempt you with something more artsy, would you like to paint me in the nude? How will we spend our time together, as an escort I am at your service for just about any activity you can find in the Bay area. Do you love karaoke, ice skating, or going to football games?

We could lie in the hot sun on the beach or take a fishing boat out for the day as well. We will get back to your hotel in plenty of time to enjoy ourselves once we've gotten to know each other better. Turn the music down low, light some scented candles, or I can change into something naughty and give you the lap dance of your life. If you've never joined in a strippers dance before, I can teach you some very sexy moves, just turn up that hot music and here we go!

Shelby bending over, everything out. Best view on earth!SF Escorts and Shelby, naked on the beach. Wow!Oh, come on Shelby, show us what you’re hiding!Shelby sure knows how to work the fish nets.