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Savanah Is Simply Seductive

As you can see, my curves are luxurious, I am even more generous in person. I keep my long hair silky and smooth, and my skin just glistens in the candle light. You can't get the full effect from a few pictures, so give me a call and let me come straight to your hotel room. I know you are seriously thinking of inviting one of the best escorts in San Jose to come and visit you tonight, so since you have stopped here in my section, take a long look and decide, what would it be like to have me alone in your room? Actually, from what I have been told, it will feel even better than that!

What did you first like when you saw my photo? Think about my long hair as I strip for you, our own private showing. There's a lot more fun coming your way! I love running, sports, and physical activities, so my body is strong, with a natural endurance that keeps me going. If you want a date complete with water skiing, boating, or just a picnic at the beach, there are many things we can do together before the sunsets.

Then you'll have to decide do you want to dress up and go dancing, find a hot night spot or a party? It's all up to you, we can even light some candles and relax with a glass of wine before I pamper you with a great massage. I am always up for some sexy intimacy after a fun date! We can order some yummy finger foods, and some great beer from your hotel room service instead of going to dinner. What do you suggest?

Wow. Her body. What is can you say?Savannah is perfect. Can’t really argue with that.Would love to suck on that candy, right?Her shirt is up, now Savannah just needs to drop her panties.