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I have joined the team of San Francisco escorts because I have been having so much fun with my Oakland escorts career, I wanted to extend my reach to you here in the city of Love. As a premium member of the San Francisco escorts family, I am excited to be offering my services in the most populated city per square mile of the US, second only to New York City. As I learned all about the special features of these two cities, I also learned that I love the fog in San Francisco, and the cooler summers here. Oakland has a very business port and has the advantages of all sorts of products coming into the city. Only six miles outside of San Francisco, Oakland's climate is like the Mediterranean, sunny all year long. Why is that such a big deal to me? Check out my pictures, if you had my body wouldn't you want to be running round the beach in a bikini as much as possible?
Even though I am heavily into fashion and love to dress up for special occasions, I am basically, most comfortable with the least possible amount of clothes on that I can get away with.

My beachwear is sensational, my casual clothes are sexy and cute, but my formal evening wear, the delight of my high-end companions.

So what can a girl like me and a nice guy like you, do in this city? Anything we want! Do you want love and romance, a sexy turn on, glamorous and mystifying? You'll love my versatility. We can take a day cruise, go sight-seeing, find some really great seafood, and then go back to your hotel for some pampering and intimacy. If you have a required event and would like me to be the best of escorts in San Francisco, I am there!

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