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An Escort Who Knows SF Really Well!

If you want me to be your live little Barbie doll, I am happy to bring clothes, costumes, or lingerie to turn you on during our date, while I am massaging you, or for the best strip dancing you've seen in your life “ right in your own hotel room, I've got the looks to hold your interest. When you first saw my photos, you got that fun little feeling inside, right? I know you did! This is the thing, having me in your hotel room, helping you feel better after a hard day negotiating with difficult clients, believe me, you'll have a lot of good memories to take home with you.

From the moment I came to San Francisco, I have been exploring the great sights and fun places of entertainment. There is so much to do in this city, unique places for every preference and taste. As your escort I can guide you to the best spots with your specific taste in mind. If you have a required engagement, family, work or friends, they will never guess that I am your escort. You will have them on the edge of their seats wondering where we met and why they didn't find me first, but I'll be going home with you!

I can be anything you need me to be. The same options when we are alone in your hotel room for the night. I can be slow and sensuous, vibrant and sexy during a striptease dance just for you. I can also be professional and quiet or funny and flirty during your heavenly nude massage. You'll have so many options and ideas, you'll probably need more than one date with me. That's all the better because the more I know what you like, the more fun we can have together.

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