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Good Fun Is Waiting For You And I

People often compliment me on my smile because I have been lucky enough to inherit my family's bright white, straight teeth. I also inherited my mom's curvaceous figure. I think I got this thick, dark hair from my grandmother. Some of my great features came from my dad's side of the family, but the good care and keeping myself in great shape is from my own hard work at the fitness center, and eating healthy foods. One of my very favorite hobbies is eating at restaurants with excellent chefs, then, working to duplicate the delicious tastes and presentations for my friends and family.

When I start working on something, I can't quit until it is perfect in every way. That is why I am one of the top model escorts in my San Francisco based escort agency. I am available in other cities as well, but the nightlife in San Francisco is so diverse, I never get tired of trying new things here.

I love to wear really nice clothes, as an escort I have the pleasure of accompanying my date to business conferences, luncheons, and evening events in formal wear. It's just as much fun to spend a weekend on a yacht or picnic on the beach wearing a pair of sexy shorts, a bikini top and sandals. That's the good part about my services, I even ask my date what he/she would like me to wear while we are together. When I hear Surprise me?, well, that tells me I am on the job? to bring out the big guns and whether it's for an executive event or a fun casual date I will do more than surprise you! You've seen my photos, wait until you see me in person!

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