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I'm a San Francisco Escort You'll Really Enjoy

Ok, so when you began your search for some eye-candy to enjoy while visiting San Francisco, you didn't expect to find me here. Lot's of escorts have huge boobs, dangerous curves and sexy eyes that you could lose yourself in. Then there's me. I'm happy to show you my body. I have experience stripping in an exotic high-end resort club. I learned from the best, and have moves of my own that will absolutely delight your imagination. Where we take your imagination is completely up to you. In fact, I don't mind if you leave it all up to me, but I can work with all the fun suggestions you have.

Do you know what a NURU massage is? It's every part of this amazing body being used to relax and stimulate your muscles, sore spots, and places that need my special attention, until every bit of tension from your busy week is completely forgotten.

Perhaps you would like your massage before we go clubbing, or water skiing, or whatever you want to enjoy with me? I know when I am done pampering you, you'll be ready to have a great time. Many times it is even more fun to go out and enjoy ourselves first, then after watching all the men checking you out with me at your side, you will want nothing else but to have my attentions all to yourself in your hotel room.

That is perfectly understandable; I am the sort of girl who is prepared for anything, because I am focused on your needs and satisfaction every moment of our time together. It's fun for me to know that people are watching us, never knowing that I am an escort, because they see how lucky you are, and wish that they could be in your shoes.

Oh the things you can do with a beauty like Cassandra.Perky, natural tits. Don’t you just love it!?You can’t spell Cassandra without ass!Those seductive eyes really say it all.